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How to use grooved butterfly valve


How to use grooved butterfly valve

1. The valve is required to be fully opened or fully closed during use, and it is not allowed to partially open the valve for regulating flow.

2. When the valve is in use, it should always be filled with oil on the rotating part, and the trapezoidal thread part of the valve stem should be oiled.

3. For manual valves, when opening or closing operations, the handwheel should be used to open and close, and auxiliary levers or other tools should not be used.

4. After the valve is used, it should be inspected regularly to check whether the sealing surface, valve stem, etc. are worn, as well as gaskets and packings. If damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. For the transmission device of electric and pneumatic valves, please refer to the instruction manual of the relevant actuator for the usage method.

6. Select the basic structure of the valve according to the purpose of the valve.

7. Select the properties of the valve according to the pressure, temperature, corrosiveness of the medium, whether it contains particles, etc.

8. Select the driving device of the valve according to the operation requirements of the valve.

9. Before the valve is installed, it is necessary to check whether the signs and certificates on the valve meet the requirements for use.

10. Check the inner cavity and sealing surface of the valve, and no dirt is allowed to adhere.

11. Check whether the connecting bolts are evenly tightened.

12. Check whether the packing is tight, and the sealing of the packing should be ensured, but the lifting of the valve stem should not be hindered.

13. The valve should be installed according to the requirements of use, but attention must be paid to the convenience of maintenance and operation.

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