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How to solve the problem of manual butterfly valve

The manual butterfly valve is the control component of the fluid pipeline. There will be many failures in daily use. How to solve this problem? In order to facilitate users to better understand the product knowledge, the editor will give you a brief introduction below.
1. A common fault is the poor pressure holding performance of the manual butterfly valve hydraulic system. The reason may be dirt mixed in the hydraulic components, or the seals of the hydraulic components are damaged, or the oil leaks at the interfaces of the system oil passages. The solution is to remove the dirt, or replace or repair the sealing components or block the leakage point. 
2. A common fault is leakage of the sealing surface of the manual butterfly valve. The reason may be dirt, sand or other foreign matter between the sealing surface; the sealing surface or the sealing ring is worn or damaged; the contact interference of the sealing surface is too small or the set screw is loose. The solution to the Zhengzhou manual butterfly valve is to clean the sealing surface; repair the seal Face or replace the sealing ring; tighten the set screws evenly. 
3. The main fault is abnormal operation of the PLC. The reason can be found by checking whether the power supply used is correct and whether the PLC power supply voltage is 24VDC: whether the grounding wire is good; whether the input and output signals are correct; whether the wiring of the input and output terminals is good; whether the PLC itself is faulty to find the cause. The solution is to ensure that the wiring is correct, Good contact; repair or replace faulty electrical components; replace the PLC and import the correct control program.

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