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For trade professionals, securely connecting pipe is critical to the success of a project. Until recent years, tradespeople traditionally relied on welding, brazing and soldering to complete connections. While this is still a commonly used method for installing pipe systems, press fittings offer a variety of benefits that make them a better choice over welding or soldering in some instances. For plumbersHVAC professionalsbuilders and commercial mechanical contractors alike, press fittings are an excellent solution for connecting pipe. Learn about the top five reasons to use press fittings and see how they can help you grow your professional contracting business.

1. Press fittings save time and money.

With press fittings, connections can be made in a fraction of the time that it takes to weld or solder pipe. Plus, significantly less training is required to operate the press tool compared to welding, brazing or soldering. This makes press fittings an excellent labor saving solution, especially when installing large-scale pipe systems. 

2. Press fitting connections are secure.

Press tool operations vary by brand, but one thing that is consistent is the strength of connections. As long as the pipe is prepared correctly according to the press tool system manufacturer instructions, the connection is as strong as a welded or soldered connection. Many hydraulic press tools have an auto-cycle feature that only shuts off when the connection is complete, so there is no guessing if pipe is fully joined or not.

3. Jobsite safety is improved with press fittings.

Caution and safety should always be paramount on the jobsite. Press fittings offer additional safety because there is no heat or flame required to make connections. This reduces the risk of worker injury on the job. Less safety gear is required to operate a press tool compared to welding or soldering, which can provide additional cost savings.

4. Press fittings are dynamic.

Because press fittings are available in copperstainless steel and carbon steel, they work with virtually any pipe system made of those materials. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of applications. From gas, petroleum and corrosives to steam and potable water, it’s likely that there is an appropriate press fitting solution for your project.

5. Repairs can be made quickly with press fittings.

Even if the pipe system is wet, press fitting connections can still be completed. This makes press fittings well suited for use in commercial and industrial facilities because operations won’t be interrupted if repairs need to be made. Press fittings eliminate the need to shut down a pipe system to perform maintenance.

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