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Alarm Check Valves

•The Alarm Check Valves are designed expressly for use in wet pipe systems. The valve will open and allow pressurization of the alarm chamber upon the operation of one or more automatic fire sprinklers.
The pressurization of the alarm chamber causes the alarm to sound mechanically through the use of a water motor alarm or through the use of a pressure switch, electrically connected to audible or visual signaling devices.

The Retard Chamber Prevents false alarms due to severe fluctuations in water pressure or water hammers. In these cases, water admitted to the retarding chamber is automatically released through the drain port without sounding an alarm.

The Water Motor Alarm is a mechanical, water powered device signaling the flow of water in an automatic sprinkler system. The unit is usually installed on a wall with the motor inside the building and the gong outside for maximum audibility. Made out of aluminum, stainless steel and other non corrosive materials to prevent rust. Red enamel finish for the gong shell is standard.
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