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First of all, Understand the principle of Trunnion mounted ball valves and floating ball valves.Trunnion mounted ball valves, as the name implies, its ball is fixed,There is no movement under pressure.Trunnion mounted ball valves with floating seats, under pressure, the seat will produce movement, so that the sealing ring tightly pressed on the ball, to ensure the sealing effect.Floating ball valve, its ball is floating, so early under the pressure of the medium, the ball will produce a certain deviation, tightly pressed on the end of the sealing surface, in order to ensure the seal.So the principle of the two is essentially different.

Now let's talk about the different characteristics between the two.Trunnion mounted ball valves, usually with bearings on the upper and lower shafts of the ball, have low operating torque and are suitable for high pressure and large diameter valves.It is used to cut or connect the medium in the pipe. The common driving methods are: turbo drive, manual drive, electric drive and pneumatic drive.Compared with the floating ball valve,The floating ball valve is characterized by small size, light weight and relatively simple structure.Because the ball of floating ball valve is free floating function, so can guarantee the sealing well.Operate the upper stem to drive the ball around the center of the stem to complete the opening and closing function, with the characteristics of fast switching.And because the diameter of the sphere channel and the diameter of the pipe are the same, the flow resistance is relatively small and the flow capacity is large.

To sum up the two, it can be simply stated that the Trunnion mounted ball valve is a ball connected to the stem, rotating in the center of the stem,;A floating ball valve is a ball that rotates freely between two seat rings by means of the stem.

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