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forged gate valves

Features and appicabons
1Do&gn: API602, ANSI B1634, GB/T12224, G8/T11796-89
2Socket weking: ANSIB16H. JB/T 1751
3Screw end: ANSI B120 1(NRD. GB/T 7X6-87(RC)
4Butt vwXdingond: ANSI B 16 25, GBfT12224
5Flange e<*i: ANSI B165. J8/T82 1-824-94
6Face to face of flanged gs: ANSI B 16.10, JB/T97-95
7Construction BBorWB. OS&Y
8inspect and test AP1598, JM6169
9Body materiais A105. Lf2. F304. F316. F3O4L. F316L. F347. F321

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